Well It’s a little before New Years…

Amanda and me

But who says a new plan cant start a month early??

I was reading some of my favorite food blog when I suddenly had an epiphany…

Amanda and I need a food blog!

See, I am the baker.  Bread, cookies, cakes, pies… you name it.  I will bake it. Amanda is the chef… from Mexican to Italian, from soup to salad, she loves creating delightful dishes. There is no arguing when we cook together about who does what…. I bake.  She cooks.

And with this glorious relationship there is only one possible conclusion!  A food blog.

And so Clash of Pans was born! (Thanks to Matt, Amanda’s boyfriend, for the lovely name) So excited!  Amanda and I are always sharing our favorite recipes and food ideas with each other and love love love cooking! What a better way to share the deliciousness then with a food blog?

So here goes nothing!

Herr’s to hoping we cook, photograph, eat, drink, and make merry as we travel through this (almost) new year.

Cheers,  Erica


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